Urilyzer Duo | Evolution your Urine Diagnostics

Reliable performance

High-end pipetting urinalysis system with ascorbic acid protected urine test strips
Physical measurement cell for specific gravity, color and turbidity
Automation of gold standard
Automated identification, classification and counting of urine particles verifiable on screen
Provides whole-viewfield images steadily available for verification


Fully automated urine workstation resulting in an integrated customizable report
No centrifugation or staining needed
Microscopy results are stored as high-quality images eliminating the need of repetition by manual microscopy
Easy loading of 100 samples
No specific laboratory infrastructure required (No permanent water supply needed, external tank system for reagents and waste)


Cost-efficient operation

High throughput up to 120 tests/h
More than four times faster than manual microscopy
Uses only distilled water and three cleaning solutions
Low running costs
Integrated maintenance procedures

Professional support

More than 30 years experience in routine urine diagnostics
Excellent and individual after-sales support
Customized product-training in-house or on-site
Your advantage: dealing with only one contact concerning questions of a technical, commercial or application-specific nature

Technical Specification Urine Chemistry / Urine Sediment
Sample types Native urine
Sample loading 100 samples
Throughput (test/ h) 240 / 120
Sample volume 3 ml
Database capacity 10,000 / 200,000
Screen Internal touch / External
Printer Internal / External
Window base OS Check
External output RS-232, Ethernet
Size (W x D x H) Temperature : 10 C - 30 C Relative humidity: 20% - 85%
Input Voltage 1580 x 650 x 635 mm
Weight 120 kg
Operating temperature 15 - 30 C
Relative humidity 20 - 80%
Reagents Water / 3 cleaning solutions
Daily maintenance Up to 6 min
Performance Urine Chemistry
Parameter Bilirubin, Urobilinogen, Ketones, Ascorbic acid, Glucose, Protein, BLood, pH, Nitrite, leucocytes via CombiScreen 11 Auto test strips
Specify gravity, Color, Turbidity via PMC (Physical Measurement Cell) module
No. Parameter 10 + 3 (Physical Measurement Cell)
Onboard stability 3 days
Principles Reflectance photometer + PMC
Wavelength 4LED (505, 530, 620, 660 nm)
Strip loading 150
Performance Urine Sediment
Auto- classified particles Normal and abnormal Redblood cell, White blood cell, Cast, Epithelial cell, Yeast, Crystal, Mucus, Bacteria (sub-classification by user)
Measurement type Microscopic measurement of native urine samples in a counting chamber (3 separate channel) in low (LP 10 x) and high power magnification (HP 40 x)
Measurement principle Automatic mixing and sampling followed by auto-identification of particles