Selectra Pro XL System

The latest in the new Selectra Pro Series, the Selectra Pro XL is the most productive and fully featured Selectra Pro System with an enhanced ergonomic design. New system features integrate the Touch-Screen Panel PC, improved reagent cooling and an optimized ISE module to deliver performance, space and productivity enhancements.
Together with a superior menu of ready-to-use stable liquid reagents from ELITech Clinical Systems, the new Selectra Pro XL System provides a state of the art, fully integrated chemistry solution for laboratories that are
closer to the patient.
With random access and typical throughput of 400 tests per hour, the Selectra Pro XL System is a compact, self contained floor standing solution for primary, STAT or back-up testing. This new system offers minimal maintenance and efficient use of consumables to truly reduce operational cost.
Building on the successful Selectra Family, the Selectra Pro XL Chemistry System offers an ideal solution of proven quality, performance and value to get the job done with results laboratories can trust, every time and on time.

  • Enhanced design with integrated Touch-Screen, Peltier reagent cooling and Dry Electrode ISE Module
  • Productivity and error reducing capabilities and error reducing capabilities including on-board PSID, Host query and programmable result checks
  • New features enhance performance , with significant reduction in maintenance requirements, optimized state-of the- art Dry ISEs and improved reagent cooling and onboard stability
  • New designs to enhance performance, significant reduction in maintenance requirements, and optimize the state-of-the-art Dry ISEs
  • New Annual ProActive maintenance kit for cost effective preventative maintenance
  • Throughput & True Walk Away Capacity The Selectra ProXL combines throughput with true Walk Away Capacity (up to 4.5 hours), bringing a much higher real throughput and productivity
  • Ideal platform for three reagent applications which
    often require long incubation times.

Taking software to the next level

Selectra Pro Systems are known for their easy-to-use software. With touch screen operated design, the intelligent software significantly boosts laboratory productivity. All key operating areas such as patient, results, reagent, calibrator and control information are a touch away providing quick access.
The software enables inexperienced staff to operate the Selectra Pro XL within an hour. Interactive routines lead the operator to the results quickly. Simplified operation delivers continuous productivity improvements, and reduces errors.

  • Increased walk away time with auto validation of test results, automated re run option and automated results printing post sample processing
  • Colour coded rotor positions for immediate visual availability and identification
  • Shortcut function keys provide quick access to frequently used areas and helps to simplify daily workflow
  • QC validation using Westgard rules with levy Jennings plots, data can be accessed from stored archive
  • Run priority STAT tests during a test run
  • Results report layout can be selected from various options to suit your laboratory needs
  • Test results stored in the archive, search results at any time with option to export archive data
  • Minimal daily maintenance with option to automate and print key tasks
  • Dedicated remote access software to help diagnose issues efficiently and decrease downtime

Capability that Improves Laboratory Operations