ELITech Clinical Systems

ELITech Clinical Systems is a global leader in BenchTop Chemistry Systems, with over 15,000 Chemistry Systems delivered. Our mission is to enable better medical decisions by bringing high-value diagnostic solutions and services to laboratories that are closer to the patient (proximity laboratories). ELITech Clinical Systems leadership originates from our ability to continuously provide differentiated products and services focused to meet the needs of proximity laboratories. ELITech Clinical Systems markets the Selectra Pro Series, designed to deliver trouble-free results laboratories can trust.
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Robust, Always gets the job done

  • True workhorse with proven system reliability
  • Support you can count on
  • Best in class operator interface, easy to train, operate    & maintain

Trouble-Free Operations

  •  Simplifies lab operations & reduces error
  • Best vendor services, application & lab operations    support
  • Cost effective, minimizes labor, maintenance & waste

Right Results, On Times

  • Designed with mistake proofing and error reducing    capabilities
  • Management of difficult samples
  • Proven methodologies, referenced and traceable to    industry standards

The Selectra Pro Series builds on the established robustness and reliability of the current Selectra systems, resulting from decades of proven experience in the design and manufacture of award winning BenchTop laboratory products. Together with a dedicated range of ready-to-use reagents from ELITech Clinical Systems, the Selectra Pro Series provides an ideal chemistry solution for laboratories that are closer to the patient. Over the past decades, the ELITech Group Companies have established a solid distribution network that operates world-wide. Thousands of customers have experienced the quality, convenience and reliability of ELITech products. Local support is provided by dedicated and well trained sales and service organizations.