Selectra Pro S System

Designed to deliver trouble-free results Laboratories can trust.

The latest in the new Selectra Pro Series, the Selectra ProS is the most compact, fully featured system with enhanced performance and best in class operator interface. New system features enable significant productivity and performance enhancements not typically found in BenchTop Chemistry Analysers.
Together with a superior menu of ready-to-use stable-liquid reagents from ELITech Clinical Systems, the Selectra ProS System provides a state of the art, fully integrated chemistry solution for laboratories that are closer to the patient.
With random access throughput typically 140 tests per hour, the Selectra ProS System is the ideal BenchTop workhorse for primary, STAT or back-up testing needs. This system offers minimal maintenance and effective use of consumables to truly reduce operational cost.
Building on the successful Selectra Family, the Selectra ProS Chemistry System offers an ideal solution of proven quality, performance and value to get the job done with results laboratories can trust, every time and on time.

  • New customer driven software with world class operator interface simplifies operation
  • New productivity and error reducing capabilities including on-board PSID, Host query and programmable result checks
  • New automated reagent management with 2D bar code programming of assays, calibrators and controls and increased capacity with 30 cooled positions on-board
  • New designs to enhance performance, significant reduction in maintenance requirements, and optimize the state-of-the-art Dry ISEs
  • New annual ProActive Maintenance Kit for cost effective preventative maintenance

Best in Class Operator Interface

Selectra Systems are known for easy-to-use software, and the Selectra ProS sets a new standard for software navigation and operator interface. Touch screen operated with a next generation design, the state of the art software significantly boosts laboratory productivity.
The software is designed to have intuitive ease of use across a wide range of laboratory settings, from labs with basic IT to operations with fully automated informatics, from new operators to those with deep experience. Intuitive icons guide the operator through their workflow and color coded graphic and audible alerts highlight conditions that operators need to know. Details are just a touch away.

Taking software to the next level

The intuitive simplicity designed into the software enables inexperienced staff to operate the Selectra Pro S within an hour. Interactive routines lead the operator to the results quickly. Simplified operation brings new staff up to speed quickly, delivers continuous productivity improvements, and reduces errors.

Simplicity that Drives Productivity

  • The unique combination of PSI D, host-query LIS interface and programmable result checks dramatically improves walk-away time and reduces sample and test request entry and associated errors.
  • Customizable start and end-of-day checklists guide operators through daily tasks, tracking upcoming maintenance, inventory on-board, and expiring calibrations and reagents.
  • Operators’ manual and system maintenance instructions are integrated in the software. Touch HELP on your daily checklist and the system links you directly to the instructions.
  • To further optimize productive laboratory time, the system is capable of remote diagnostics, and will have software aided service adjustments and performance tests to maximize uptime.

Capability That Improves Laboratory Operations