NycoCard U-Albumin – For Early Identification Of Renal Disease

Albumin is a protein present in high concentration in plasma. Normally only a small amount of albumin is excreted in urine. Sustained elevated concentration of albumin in the urine is known as microalbuminuria. Providing the first clinical sign of diabetic renal disease and cardiovascular disease, the measurement of urine albumin is ideal for both monitoring and risk assessment.

Benefits at a Glance

  • Quantitative results within 3 minutes
  • Measuring range 5-200 mg/L
  • Ideal for rapid series measurements and point-of-care settings
  • Ready-to-use controls in two level

An effective screening tool

Annual screening for microalbuminuria will identify patients with nephropathy at a very early stage:

  1. Type 1 diabetic patients who have had diabetes > 5 years (or earlier in the presence of puberty or poor metabolic control)
  2. Type 2 diabetic patients starting at time of diagnosis
  3. Patients with essential hypertension

Sample Test Procedure

Reference range (with normal urine volume)

Normal Values < 20 mg/L MicroAlbuminuria 20 – 200 mg/L Clinical Albuminuria > 200 mgL

Your quality check

  • Calibrated against the international protein standard ERM®-DA470
  • Quality assurance in compliance with ISO 9001 and the EU IVD Directive
  • FDA 510(k) approved

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