NycoCard Reader II – Your First Point Of Care

NycoCard READER II is a multi assay instrument for Point of Care. With NycoCard READER II, healthcare professionals in doctors’ offices, clinics and hospitals will obtain accurate, quantitative results within minutes.

Benefits at a Glance

  • Two tests on one platform: HbA1c and CRP
  • Easy to use
  • Rapid, quantitative results
  • Ideal for measurement of small series
  • Local language selection
  • Easy maintenance
  • Portable, battery powered (optional)

NycoCard – an established technology

The NycoCard READER II leverages robust technology with proven quality. The instrument is factory calibrated to ensure accurate results. It is a portable, point-of-care instrument designed for rapid and reliable measurements of the NycoCard test. Lot specific calibration by the operator is not necessary. Only a simple black/white calibration at start up and the instrument is ready for use.

Technical Data
Instrument box 200 mm × 170 mm × 70 mm
Reader Pen L: 144 mm, D: 29.5 mm
Weight 540 g (incl. Reader pen and batteries)
Display LCD, 2×16 characters
Communication Interface RS-232
Power Supply
Batteries Rechargeable NiMH batteries only, size AA, 1.2 V, Recharge 8- 18 hours
Battery Charger Mascot type 9725 or equivalent
Operation Conditions
Temperature 15°C – 35°C (The recommended range is 18°C – 25°C.)
Relative humidity 0 – 90%. Avoid direct sunlight/ too dim light

Available test

NycoCard CRP & NycoCard HbA1c