NEO – High Throughput Full Automation

NEO’s modules operate independently and simultaneously, improving productivity for the high-volume laboratory

  • Windows based user friendly touchscreen interface
  • Linear rack sample and reagent bay;load up to 224 samples at once
  • Dual pipettors for processing multiple sample and plates simultaneously
  • Microplate loading tower,washer module,incubator module,image analysis reader
  • Centrifuge module
  • Fluidics module is self-contained


NEO delivers the highest type and screen throughput on the market. True continuous access allows operators to add samples or resources anytime


NEO automates immucor’s patented capture technology with proven clinical performance and a comprehensive process control strategy, providing trustworthy test results.


  • ABO/Rh D typing
  • Weak D
  • Rh and K Phenotyping
  • Donor comfirmation
  • CVM
  • TPHA screen
  • IgH DAT
  • IgH crossmatch
  • Antibody Identification(primary Panel, RH D Pos panel Rh D Neg Panel)
  • Antibody Screening(2 cell 3 cell and pooled)


NEO’s dynamic scheduler.with new STAT priority handling offers superior workflow management.


NEO’s user friendly interface provides access to test ordering and prioritization, resource management, and reporting with the touch of fingertip.