HB - 100 | Future of analysis

Gold standard Accuracy | by Ion-Exchange HbA1c and Hb Variant

Fast and Accurate HBA1c results in 1.5 minutes with HBA1c and HbF separation

Zivak Technologies has developed state of the art Hemoglobin A1c and variant Analyzer. This eliminates the errors from manual preparation steps. With HB - 100 Hemoglobin A1c and Variant Analyzer, the low throughput in chromatography analysis will not be a problem for the laboratories any more. Zivak HB - 100 system can inject from closed cap whole blood collection tubes. This eliminates the contamination risk from the opening tubes for the technician.

HB-100 Zivak Technology

All sample preparation steps for analysis made by the unique modules of B - 100 Analyzer. The processes listed below can be done by robotic arms with these unique modules;
  • Rational Barcode reading from whole blood tube
  • Samples inversion for homogenization
  • Sample transfer from whole blood tube
  • Dilution and Hemolysis
  • Injection and data acqusition
  • System is ot required any human intervention during all steps.

sample test


Zivak HB - 100 system inverts the whole blood sample tubes for homogenisation before the sample preparation needed. The sytem automatically generates sample sequence by reading barcode from primary sample collection tube which barcode by hospital LIS system. Due to rotational barcode reading which followed by automated sample preparation, the system is independent from placing order ot position of barcode of the samples in samples tray. PLACE YOUR SAMPLES AS YOU GET without align the bardcode. There is no possible sample mismatch from the transfer of the samples from primary samples tube to standart chromatography vials or well plates

HB - 100 Software Properties
  • User friendly graphical interface for easy interaction
  • Fast, automated data processing and automatic peak detection
  • Allow user to create, edit and print custom designed report
  • Automatic LIS Transfer of processed results

HB - 100: HbA1c Chromatogram

Sample Chromatogram
>> See the HB-100 Specification click here

HB - 100: Hb - Variant Chromatogram

Sample Chromatogram