The Flexible Solution For Your Hemostasis Laboratory

Coagulyzer 100

The Coagulyzer 100 meets the demands of low- to mid-volume hemostasis laboratories. The analyzer is a compact standalone solution which has been designed with a clear focus on being user friendly, reliable and cost effective.

The Coagulyzer® 100 offers an excellent analytical performance for clotting, chromogenic and immunology assays with a throughput of up to 100 PT/hour. For the routine assays PT, APTT and Fibrinogen Analyticon offers a complete system with reagents, controls and calibrators.

Agile and easy-to-use

  • Color touchscreen featuring the intuitive, easy-to-use and straightforward user software
  • Multilangual user software
  • The Coagulyzer 100 offers a complete solution for both routine and specialty testing
  • Pre-programmed methods for PT, APTT and Fibrinogen
  • Walk-away automation for up to 22 samples and 10 tests per sample
  • Removable reagent tray for overnight cooling of reagents
  • Real walk-away time displayed by software

Reliable and accurate

  • Accurate and precise results are ensured by additional use of magnetic stirrers to homogenize the test mixture (Sample/Reagent)
  • High-precision pre-heated pipettor (37°C) guarantees reliable and precise distribution of test liquids
  • Automated results calculation in %, INR, Ratio, mg/dl, g/l and μg/ml
  • Automated dilution of samples (1:50 at 100 μl)
  • Auto repeat function (double measuring time) allows increase of throughput
  • Minimum risk of carry over due to 4 different intensive wash cycles and use of special washing solution
  • Software featuring automated calibration, STAT-program, QC-program and service functions

Efficient and affordable

  • Single-use cuvette ring (32 cuvettes each, prefilled with stir bars)
  • Compact instrument design with a small foot-print saving precious laboratory space
  • Up to 10.000 results and curve data can be stored in internal memory
  • No external PC is needed to operate the analyzer
  • Reduced daily maintenance improves efficiency
  • Pre-dilutions of samples do not require additional cups


The Coagulyzer® 100 is capable of performing a wide range of coagulometric, chromogenic and immunologic clotting tests such as Prothrombin time (PT), activated partial Thromboplastin time (APTT) and Fibrinogen. Those assays are currently available from Analyticon.
The instrument is also capable of specialtests like single factor assays (II-XII), Anti-Thrombin III, TDT, TAFI Protein C, Protein S, C-Reactive Protein, D-Dimer and others.


Measuring Principle Photometric 2-channel LED photometer (405, 570 and 740 nm) with 2 reference channels
Measuring Rotor 32 cuvette rotor
Measuring Temperature 37°C +/- 0.4°C
Test volume 150 μl (max. 300 μl)
Sample positions 2 x 11 sample positions (primary and secondary tubes), additional 3 STAT positions
Sampling Capacitive pipetting device, moves in 3 directions Pipettor heated at 37 °C, dilutor, 2 – 250 μl (in 1 μl steps)
Reagent positions 15 reagent positions (3 x 15 ml, 12 x 5 ml), 3 stirred
Removable reagent tray for overnight cooling, 2 positions for washer & cleaner
Display Color touchscreen, on-board graphic user software
Interfaces 2 x RS232C / 2 x USB / 1 x LAN (Bi-Directional HOST interface) / ChipCARD® reader
External Connections External printer via USB interface (optional), external Barcode Scanner via RS232C (optional)
Special Features Automated result calculation in %, INR, Ratio, mg/dl, g/l and μg/ml
Auto repeat function, automated dilution of samples (max. 1:50), QC-Program
Size (WxDxH) 565 x 646 x 310 mm
Weight 25 kg